Surprising Coffee Twist: Coffee in Art

Ever splashed yourself with your java? Then you are very much aware (and probably annoyed) of the beverage’s staining ability. But where some see a ruined white shirt, others have found a canvas.

Coffee is a favourite morning perk-me-up drink that a lot of people can’t do without. Can you imagine a world without your Nescafe® Dolce Gusto® pods? Yeah. Me neither. In spite of the plethora of benefits coffee brings to the mind and body, it is also a sweet treat in the world of art. 

Odd as it may initially sound, but coffee had carved its own niche in the art industry by creating unique works, not only by sight but by its wonderful smell as well.

This invigorating elixir can also serve as an inexpensive drawing material that yields dramatic artwork,  and this art activity is an ideal way to expose you and even your child to natural dyes and make lovely coffee ground art. Moreover, you provide your child with a tactile experience that will fortify learning and result in loads of fun along the way!

The first thing that you will have to do is to prepare the materials, which are all easy to get. All you will need are water, coffee grounds from used ESE pods or coffee capsules, brushes of different sizes, sketching pencil, and paper. It is recommended to use watercolor paper since your paint material will be water-based and so, standard paper can easily be damaged.

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To get various tones, you can concoct several coffee “paint” batches by changing the amount of coffee used, getting darker and heavier tones with more coffee and lighter tones with a less amount.

Next, you can use a pencil to create a light sketch of what you want to do. This will guide you when you start painting with coffee. If you prefer to be more free-handed, though, go ahead. After all, most coffee painters had their interest ignited with accidentally finding the art prowess of coffee. Let your imagination flow and lead your hands in painting.

Therapy In Coffee Art

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Using coffee in painting can be quite therapeutic as well. With you, your coffee blends, and your brushes, you can creatively express yourself alongside the stimulating aroma of coffee. Nevertheless, art is one of the ways of expressing yourself, even without words. Just relax, smell the coffee, and have fun.

Helpful Tips


The longer the coffee sits in its pan, the heavier and darker it will become – most especially when kept at room temperature. When you leave coffee sitting for longer than a few days, a thick and viscous layer will begin to form at the bottom of the container. This creates a darker tone to paint with.

Paper towels

Paper towels and napkins are used as erasers and blotters. Coffee is quite forgiving, to say the least, and can be immediately blotted out if you have made a mistake. Furthermore, when the coffee has dried you can reactivate any area by wetting it with clean water and blot out or erase the unwanted coffee marks or streaks.

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